Latest Future Revolution reveal shows off Black Widow

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Marvel’s Future Revolution – a game announced last year to be “Marvel’s first open world RPG on mobile” – has continued to be revealed in tiny chunks with the latest being another character you can play at launch in the form of Black Widow.

Iron Man and Storm have been revealed in similar ways with short gameplay trailers. Star-Lord also shares the distinction of being available at launch but he has been revealed on Twitter instead with no gameplay to show.

As with Iron Man and Storm this video has a constant message showing that what you’re seeing is gameplay on a mobile device but, with a lack of on-screen controls, we’re still not sure exactly how this game will play.

As for the enemies faced in this trailer they look as generic as can be with Black Widow seemingly fighting against some large wolves.

The red ninjas near the end of the gameplay may be members of The Hand who usually done red attire.

As before we still have no information about when this game will launch, what platforms it will be available on or what the monetization will look like.

The official website still has a sign up space for newsletters but we’ve been signed up for a while with nothing arriving in our inboxes just yet.

We’re liking what we’re seeing, at least for a mobile game, from Marvel’s Future Revolution, but we want to know more about it outside of these short reveals.

In other Black Widow news the MCU version still has her solo movie planned for later this year. In 9th July the movie will release in theatres and on Disney+ with the latter requiring an extra purchase on top of the price of the subscription service.

We think Black Widow will also appear in the Loki series in some form going off of a short segment of its latest trailer.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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