LEGO R2-D2 is crazy expensive at R4K in South Africa

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Last week we reported on a new, large version of R2-D2 that LEGO had revealed to the world. Back then we didn’t have South African pricing, but now we do and it’s rather high: R3 999.99.

Before we look deeper into that price let’s consider what the set costs in other parts of the world. Below are the RRPs from various regions as well as their Rand equivalents at the current exchange rate.

  • USA: $199.99 ≈ R2 854.91
  • EU: €199.99 ≈ R3 457.79
  • UK: £179.99 ≈ R3 569.77

While we’ve included the US price for the sake of completeness it should be noted that this does not include tax which makes it a bit of an unfair comparison.

Looking at the EU and UK prices then and things are more comparable, but it’s clear that South Africans will be paying around R500 more.

This price may seem justifiable given the size of the set and the high costs of bringing large luxury items into the country. LEGO’s new R2-D2 has 2 314 pieces and, when assembled, measures in at 31 X 19 X 15 centimetres (height X width X depth). The large cardboard box needed to house those pieces, together with the individual plastic bags and instructions book all adds weight which makes that R3 999.99 price more understandable (but no less easier to swallow).

Aside from the price we now also know that the set will launch locally on 1st May, which is the same as the international release day. This is right before 4th May, Star Wars Day.

It should be noted at this point that the R3 999.99 price is the RRP as displayed by the official LEGO stores in the country where you can soon buy the set. Other stores may offer it at different prices with one of our favourite independent stores, Kiddiwinks, selling it for a hair less at R3 849.99.

If you want to see a bit more of the set before deciding on a purchase see the features video release by LEGO below. Several video and written reviews from overseas outlets are also live so you can get a better idea about this luxury toy before parting with any money.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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