Marvel Future Revolution shows off ‘Omega-level Mutant’ Storm

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New details and reveals for Marvel Future Revolution has been coming in slowly, with the latest happening over the weekend with a gameplay trailer for the famous X-Men character Storm.

As a quick reminder Marvel Future Revolution is an upcoming app by Netmarble that has the rather lofty marketing tag of “Marvel’s first open world RPG on mobile”. It was announced more than a year ago and has only broken silence recently for some reveals.

Part of those reveals is this trailer for Storm which proudly has “actual mobile gameplay” written in the top right hand corner here.

For a mobile title things certainly do look impressive. While it’s clearly toned down when it comes to resolution and character detail (and there’s some pop in) we would have believed you if you said this footage was the 2020 console / PC game Marvel’s Avengers running on a low-end computer.

The two oddities we spot in this video (embedded below) are the enemies. We see Sentinels, the definitive X-Men robotic enemies, which look rather small. Sentinels very drastically in size but they’re usually categorised by being gigantic.

The other oddity is the last batch of enemies which look like generic orcs. If this isn’t some deep cut comics reference or a new enemy for the game we’d assume that part of the trailer was from some other project entirely.

Like the reveal of Iron Man we’re also disappointed by the lack of on-screen controls here. Sure it would make the trailer less pretty, but it would have given us a better understanding into how this mysterious game plays.

Similarly frustrating is still a lack of any information about how, when and where this game will release or become otherwise playable. For now you can just go to the official site for the game and leave your email address to receive newsletter updates.

Storm joins the aforementioned Iron Man as well as Star-Lord and Black Widow as characters that have been confirmed to be playable at launch. Again no details exist as to how characters will be released or what the full launch roster will be.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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