Monster Hunter Rise comes to Ninjala until May

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Free-to-play title Ninjala has officially kicked off its collaboration with Monster Hunter Rise, bringing stickers, decorations and outfits from the latter to the former.

This crossover is live right now but won’t be around forever with the season for it ending on 27th May depending on your time zone.

You can see many of the additions in the quick trailer below:

That trailer was a bit too quick, but thankfully, you can see more of the content in detail on the official Ninjala website. We have to praise the presentation here because instead of static images of each cosmetic item you get a short unlisted YouTube video to get a better idea of what it looks like when in the game.

Companies take note: if you’re going to flood your channel with short videos like this keep them unlisted as to not spam your subscribers’ inboxes.

The first of these items is a freebie in the form of a sticker available for logging in. This can be found in the game’s mailbox.

The rest of the content can either be earned from playing the game or bought. Unfortunately Ninjala is a gacha game at heart so you will have to roll the dice to certain items such as the sought after outfits. It’s been a while since a title like this had a literal gachapon machine built right into the game but there it is. As stated at the start Ninjala is free-to-play so this is how the developers make their money.

The release of this content isn’t happening at a random time as it coincides with the 2.0 update to Monster Hunter Rise. In our review of the launch version of the game it received high praise so we’re happy to see there’s even more to enjoy as time goes on.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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