No Man’s Sky now has Titanfalls

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The Titanfall franchise is called that because your mechs (the Titans) can fall from the sky in a very dramatic fashion and sometimes do a superhero landing. You will now be able to do exactly this in No Man’s Sky too.

The latest free update for the game is called Expeditions which, among other things, adds Titanfalls into the game.

You could argue that robots being delivered to the player via the sky has been done before, but the official trailer for the Expeditions update specifically uses the word “Titanfall”.

You can watch that trailer below. In the top left corner you will see text popping up every few seconds to highlight some new feature in Expeditions. Titanfall is specifically mentioned at around one minute ten seconds in.

So you can focus on watching the trailer we’ve written down a list of all the text updates shown in the corner of the video:

  • New jetpack
  • [Performance] and loading optimisation
  • New HUD
  • Rendezvous Planets
  • Golden helmets rewards
  • Target sweep mode
  • 4K HUD and UI
  • New rewards
  • Gold ship reward
  • Cross-platform naming merge
  • Mission patches
  • Hi-def exploration starships
  • Space anomaly ship exchanging
  • Twitch drop support
  • Expedition planner
  • Galaxy map colour blind support
  • Improved text chat
  • Improved pinning
  • Walker Titanfalls
  • Improved Sentinel balance
  • On-going seasons
  • Our journey continues

More details about all of the above can be found on the official No Man’s Sky Expeditions subsite. We once again have to warn that this website will instantly cause your PC to experience 100% GPU usage as long as the page is open. We also saw this problem when we covered the Companions update last month, so it isn’t a one time anomaly.

That aside the subsite does make mention of the new “mechs from the sky” feature but a new term is used in place of Titanfall.

“Sentinel Quads have improved mobility and target locking, Sentinel Drones display an icon whilst performing repairs to other Sentinels, and Sentinel Walkers are now deployed to the planet via atmospheric injection,” the update reads.

Update 3.3 Expeditions is available in No Man’s Sky right now. For those who want to play for the first time the game is currently discounted by 50 percent on PC (via Steam, Humble Store and GOG) as well as the PlayStation 4 and 5 via the PlayStation Store.

While the game is available for the Xbox One / Series X / Series S, it is not discounted for those platforms on the Microsoft Store right now. That being said it is worth remembering that No Man’s Sky is available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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