NSFAS students: Here’s how to order your notebook

NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, has announced that funded students can now order a notebook through the organisation as part of the Digital Learning Device Project.

The tender process to acquire notebooks for students concluded late last year and NSFAS is expecting the first shipment of these devices to arrive in just a few days on 18th April.

For students who qualify the process of ordering your notebook starts with visiting the official NSFAS website. From here click on “myNSFAS” in the top right corner.

On the log in page you will find the following message:

“Students who are registered at a public institution and are approved for NSFAS 2021 funding can click here to order their laptop.”

Click below this message on the button to begin the process where you will need to enter in the following information:

Initial reactions to the opening of student notebook orders have not been positive. In replies on Twitter, for example, many students have pointed out poor performance with past notebooks and problems with the ordering system. Hopefully the latter will be fixed soon and the former will not be an issue with this latest batch.

Didn’t qualify for NSFAS funding? Are you a student or parent who is unfamiliar with computer terminology but still need to purchase a notebook? We’ve written up a guide specifically for you which is available here. It covers every important component and decision in the notebook buying process. Our guide has also been written with cost at the forefront to try and get you the best device for your money.

“Non-NSFAS funded students who require a device should consult their institutions as they will remain responsible for the payment of the device and must therefore agree to the payment terms as defined by the institution,” NSFAS adds.

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