Repentance pushes The Binding of Isaac into Steam’s top 20

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Repentance, the expansion which ends a decade of development on The Binding of Isaac, has been out for around one day now and has been a rather big hit so far.

It has released only on PC right by way of Steam and the Epic Games Store, and using numbers from the former we can see how well it’s doing.

The expansion on its own has 2 154 reviews at the time of writing, 87 percent of them being positive. This leaves Repentance with a “Very Positive” overall review rating on Steam.

As Repentance is an expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, we can also look at it to see how well the new content is doing. Recent Reviews for Rebirth are numbered at 3 524 and 97 percent of them are positive. Rebirth thus has a higher review rating on Steam with the “Overwhelmingly Positive” standing for recent reviews.

Using Rebirth we can also see how many people are playing the game and have returned thanks to the new content offered by Repentance. Right now Rebirth is the 17th most played game on the entire Steam platform with 58 950 peak players over the last 24 hours, and 49 348 people in the game as we wrote this.

Those numbers are rather impressive. Right above Rebirth is Destiny 2 in 16th place with a 24 hour peak of 62 614 players and 49 851 people in the game right now. It’s worth remembering that Destiny 2 is an entirely online multiplayer experience, while The Binding of Isaac is a singleplayer experience (though there is co-op).

So what does Repentance offer that has so many people playing it? It has an absolutely massive list of changes and enhancements compared to Rebirth and is considered by some to be closer to a sequel than an expansion. Including the new content these are some of the raw numbers that The Binding of Isaac has on offer according to series creator Edmund McMillen.

  • 22 000 rooms
  • 716 items
  • 637 achievements
  • 188 trinkets
  • 322 enemies
  • 103 bosses
  • 94 music tracks
  • 44 challenges
  • 17+ playable characters

Repentance is available on PC now and will launch on console later this year.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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