Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone: Flagship features, mid-range price, 5G connectivity

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We have long been proponents of a simple truth in the world of smartphones: the mid-range is the absolute best place to buy your new phone because of the way new technology works.

Whenever a flash new feature is created by the big boys in the industry it arrives in the most expensive flagships. Only after this process of expensive public experimentation is the technology refined and offered at a more affordable price to the consumer.

The latest and greatest example of this is 5G, the next evolution in connectivity. You may have been hearing about those flagship phones overseas getting access to this as local telecoms finally offer it to us in South Africa, but now it’s available to the mid-range.

The new Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone is, then, the best example offering 5G connectivity – as well as an LTE model – to South Africans at a competitive price.

The increased speed of 5G has come at the perfect time where working from home has become the norm and the strain on your personal cellular and internet networks becomes higher than ever before.

With the Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone offering 5G at such a compelling price it also means that you can futureproof your purchase because, even if you don’t have access to 5G today, your new phone does and it will be ready when your network is.

The Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone is, of course, so much more than a phone that connects you to a new network. The 5G models come in Awesome Black, Awesome Blue and Awesome Violet which means you have access to a striking range of colours to suit your look.

Up front there’s a crisp 6.5” HD+ infinity-V Display with a teardrop front-facing camera. Spin things around and there’s a quad-camera cluster. No matter which way you’re shooting with the Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone you’re going to get a good result either for the people you’re sending stuff to, or in the all-important video call.

These great features and top-notch build quality doesn’t mean much if you can’t use your device when you need it. Everyone is familiar with being tethered to a wall trying to get the battery percentage up, but no longer.

Inside of the A32 you will find a 5 000mAh battery that can keep you going for two days before needing to reach for the charger. When that does happen, you won’t be there for long as the 15W Fast Charging can get you up and going when you need it. We may all be at home more than we like nowadays but sitting on the floor next to a plug is still a pain.

If you want the Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone in your life head on over to the official Samsung site. There you can compare models, pick out the specs that suit you and then purchase your new smartphone at one of many retailers around South Africa.

What a lot of people don’t know is that, much like buying a new car, Samsung South Africa accepts trade-ins on new purchases. More than 6 000 devices from Samsung and other brands will be accepted which means you can turn that phone, laptop, smartwatch or any other electronic from a device gathering dust to a discount on your buy. There’s no need to spend valuable time in your day trying to sell your old devices to third parties as Samsung will handle it all for you.



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