See Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s graphical upgrades

Last week EA revealed the gameplay changes that will be available in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition – a remaster of the classic space opera RPG trilogy. That reveal came with the promise of similar content for the graphics, which have now also been revealed to the public.

Let’s start with video. Below is the embed of a 4K official comparison trailer which gives you a very quick overview of everything that is going into these remasters.

When watching the video it’s clear that this is, as mentioned, a remaster and not a remake. The Legendary Edition games are clearly their old selves prettied up for the current year.

We’re not ragging on things here just setting expectations as we’ve already seen some people online complaining that things don’t look like brand new games.

This approach is, of course, intentional.

“Our goal from the onset was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy that have become so iconic and genre-defining over the past decade. A remaster rather than remake allowed us to build upon the original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase in a normal development cycle, while also being able to utilize the advantages of much more modern hardware and software,” the announcement reads.

If the trailer went by a little too fast for you make sure to check out the official announcement directly from publisher EA. We’ll summarise the important stuff but the page also has those cool sliders (see the header image above) which allow you to dynamically compare the remasters using the same frame from the game.

The process of improving the graphics took the form of a three phrased approach: building the foundation, modernisation efforts and rebuilding worlds.

Building the foundation refers to going back to the original code  to see what could be improved to build a solid base for the rest of the game. Modernisation efforts is where the full-scale development started and the developers sought to bring newer assets, tech and design sensibility into the games. The rebuilding worlds focused on “broader improvements to levels and features” instead of simple updates and concept art was used with modern tech to more fully realise the original intent.

That is, to reiterate, a summary and we suggest giving the full breakdown a read if you have a head for this kind of semi-technical content.

That being said, as with last week’s reveal, this all falls into spoiler territory if you ask us. Those who want to go in blind and experience these changes first hand will want to stay away from the in-depth reveals.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on PC (Steam and Origin), PlayStation and Xbox on 15th May.

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