Sony shows off Days Gone running on PC

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Wow that headline sure looks weird, but Sony is continuing its push into the PC market by showing off more of Days Gone, previously a PlayStation console exclusive.

This port was revealed back in February and now we have a bit more to chew on (and look at) before it can be played on a new platform.

We have a features trailer (embedded below) which shows off the game in 4K if you’d like to watch this snipped in that way.

The trailer is a very quick showcase of the PC-specific features of this port: a high resolution photo mode, an unlocked framerate, a slew of graphical customisation options, ultrawide monitor support (21:9 aspect ratio), full mouse and keyboard support and full controller support.

The last part about controllers is of particular note as there’s third party controller support. The prospect of playing a PlayStation exclusive on PC with an Xbox controller is an enticing one.

We can learn a bit more about this reveal thanks to an update on the official PlayStation Blog penned by Kevin McAllister, online community specialist at developer Bend Studio.

“We cannot wait to see more players experience the epic journey of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw biker now drifter and bounty hunter trying to survive in a post- apocalyptic open world where danger lurks around every corner. Explore the sprawling Pacific Northwest high-desert on your trusty Drifter bike as you try to maneuver around collapsed bridges, abandoned vehicles, ambush traps and blocked tunnels. Scavenge supplies from abandoned buildings to craft assorted items, barter with local camps and gear up for the ride through an infested ever-changing environment,” McAllister writes.

It’s also pointed out that the PC version will support up to 500 Freakers – Days Gone’s name for zombies – on screen at once for that proper horde feel.

The PC port of Days Gone will be released on 18th May through Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game is also available right now on PlayStation 4, its native and launch platform.

When Days Gone was released on the PS4 on 29th April 2019 it didn’t set the world on fire but it maintains its fans and many maintain that it’s worth the time to play even with its rough edges. Thankfully, by coming to PC, it will allow more players to try it themselves.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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