Synthetik 2 arrives in Early Access this year

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Flow Fire Games has announced that Synthetik 2 is on the way and will be available for players to jump into later this year when it launches into Early Access on Steam.

For those out of the loop the original Synthetik was released in 2018 and remains a criminally overlooked twin stick shooter roguelike.

We’ve called Synthetik a “RoboCop roguelike” in the past and that really describes the dirty futuristic setting where player mow down endlessness amounts of robots, tanks, planes and other enemies using ludicrously big and destructive weaponry.

The random nature of every run means that the unique kind of destruction you get to bring down on your opponents is different every time.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much we can learn more on the Steam page where you can also wishlist the sequel.

Compared to the original Synthetik 2 a new ruleset for its gameplay to improve on things. A new progression system and a complete rework of the game’s tech should mean that we’re playing the sequel well into the future.

Speaking of the future a 1.0 release is planned for 2022, but an exact release obviously depends on how Early Access pans out.

If you’d like to try the original Synthetik you can actually do so for free. The standalone arena part of the game is free to play right from Steam. That being said we highly recommend simply jumping in and supporting these developers, especially because the standard game is a whopping 75 percent off right now.

It would be a shame to leave you without linking to the brilliant video about the original game created by YouTuber SsethTzeentach. It really highlights why the game is so good and why you should play it and be excited for a sequel.

That being said this channel uses a lot of adult and shock humour, so be advised.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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