The Microsoft Store is getting a much needed update

The Microsoft Store looks rather dated when comparing it to other digital store fronts, but more than that, it needs better support for developers.

This is why news of an update to the Windows Store from Windows Central is very welcome indeed.

The update to the Store will reportedly only arrive later this year, but it will receive monthly updates, new features will be added regularly and – perhaps most importantly – downloads of larger apps and games should be a lot more stable.

It’s the support for developers, however, that is interesting.

The most notable change here is allowing developers to make use of their own in-app revenue streams bypassing Microsoft’s own ecommerce platform. Apple could take a leaf out of Microsoft’s book if this is feature makes it to the store.

In addition, developers will also be able to submit raw .EXE and .MSI packages to the store and they can use their own CDNs to push out updates to users. Developers will also be able to submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the store.

It seems as if Microsoft is making its storefront a bit more open than previously with these changes and, in a time when other storefront owners are strengthening their iron grip this is welcome.

Of course these changes may never hit the mainstream, but we’re holding thumbs that the improvements for developers do come to fruition.

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