The Steam client gets a small but appreciated update

If you have the Steam client set to run as soon as you boot up your PC like us you may have missed the notes for the latest patch which has gone live in the past few hours.

Looking over the full patch notes, which you can read below, there’s nothing super impactful here as this is classified as a small update instead of a larger one that adds features.

The biggest changes are fixes to Remote Play which makes sense as Remote Play Together was recently updated to allow for easier sharing of games by way of a URL.

Remote Play
Steam Cloud

Looking at comments in reply to this update and it seems that the only problem is people still calling for the ability to use the old library layout. That library change happened a while back but it seems a vocal part of the community is still raging against it.

Today is a rather busy day in the world of the largest PC store on the internet. We also discovered that a new sale is in the works for for next month, an announcement visible to the public that we think may have been intended for the eyes of developers only.

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