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There’s a new Switch coming but it’s simply a Lite recolour

For the past few months we’ve been hearing rumours of a new Nintendo Switch variant based on an order of screens from Samsung. Today those rumours continue to be unproven as the latest Switch console to be revealed is simply a new colour for the Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in blue from 21st May 2021. Blue joins the existing colours that the Lite is available in: coral, turquoise, grey and yellow. All four colours released so far are on the lighter, pastel side, so this blue version is a departure by offering a more saturated colour.

Locally all four of the older colours are available for purchase so we will probably be able to buy the new blue one too.

We have some promotional shots of the new colour to look at and we like what we’re seeing. We’re still not sure why the four Lite colours were so, well, light, so we appreciate this option.

The announcement of this new colour is another horrible reminder of the ridiculously high price South Africans pay for Nintendo products. The reveal of it provides a reminder that the RRP for the Nintendo Switch Lite overseas is $199.99. At the time of writing that converts to R2 890.44.

In South Africa the RRP for the Nintendo Switch Lite is R4 999. The price for the Lite and the base console (R7 999) didn’t used to be this high. As we reported on last year the official Nintendo distributor in the country, Core, told us that a weak Rand was the reason for the massive jump in price.

While not mentioned by Core another problem in the middle of last year was supply issues with most countries, including South Africa, not able to keep Switch units on shelves.

Unfortunately, while the Rand has recovered somewhat and stock is now plentiful, the newer higher prices remain.

All this money talk aside you can also read our review of the Nintendo Switch Lite here. For anyone new to the Switch ecosystem it’s important to know the big differences between it and the original console.

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