YouTuber recreates & fires the WWII Sedgley gun glove

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Many people are familiar with the Sedgley OSS .38 glove gun even if they don’t know it by name thanks to its appearance in Inglourious Basterds. While it is a real firearm many doubt it was actually ever fired, which leads us to YouTube.

Allen Pan’s channel Sufficiently Advanced is known for its fantastical engineering such as lead Hulk Hands and Taser Nerf darts. Pan wanted to fire the Sedgley without buying a real antique one, so replication was the way to go.

Pan cleverly based his design on the Altor single shot pistol, a real, cheap firearm that looks like a plastic potato gun but is actually a deadly weapon.

Thanks to some similarities between the Altor and Sedgley – and some good design work from Pan – the conversion was completed with some 3D printing and a glove to stick everything to.

Even for those who oppose private ownership of guns in general we’re sure most people can appreciate the effort that went into this project and the willingness to recreate an oddity from World War II.

We also have to applaud the, erm, bravery of Pan and company strapping the glove on for a few test shots (punches?). We’re not saying that this version was poorly made, but rather we wouldn’t attach any punch activated gun to our hands at all.

As for the real Sedgley glove gun we highly recommend the video on it from Forgotten Weapons that looks at the history of the weapon. Parts of this video were actually used in Pan’s one above, which is why it may look familiar.

We’d love to see some history enthusiasts like Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons reacting to Pan’s recreation.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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