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7 ways to streamline your workspace with Orico

The past year has been chaotic. When the pandemic hit many people scrambled to ensure that their homes were ready to handle the pressures of lockdown. The same went for workspaces, as those ill-prepared for remote working quickly found out that working from home is not a haphazard undertaking.

Workspaces need to be clean, clutter-free and streamlined if you plan to be productive and, now that remote working is the new normal for most of the country, it is time to invest in technology to help bring that to fruition. But how to go about it?

That’s where digital peripherals specialist Orico can lend some assistance, having developed a number of helpful accessories to streamline any at-home workspace.

Below we highlight seven ways to streamline your workspace and the Orico peripherals that are expertly crafted to help you achieve it.

1. Cable management

The first and most important element of the streamlining process, as any good PC builder will tell you, is cable management. Even the shabbiest of setups can look pristine thanks to a few cable ties and clips. Luckily Orico has both in plentiful supply, while ensuring they are well priced so as not to dent any budgets out there.

To that end it has the velcro one metre Hook & Loop cable ties, which come in a pack of five. They also come packaged with a different colour for each of the velcro rolls, which is handy should you need to tie and group together different types of cables in a particularly messy setup.

2. Easier access 

Once you’ve bundled the necessary cables together, you can use the Desktop cable clip (also five per pack) to ensure the cables you plug and unplug often are easily at hand. This is particularly useful if you have a notebook hooked up to a monitor and need the freedom to leave the desk, as well as the usual requirement for smartphone and tablet charging cables that are not always in-use.

3. One port of call

Now that your cables are sorted, let’s look at some of the other essential peripherals that Orico has on offer. Here the Clip-type four port aluminium Hub is a must-have, especially if you’re a part of the Apple ecosystem and have been forced to embrace the dongle life for your MacBook. The fact that you can clip this Hub to your desk means you’ll always have a dedicated solution attached securely to your workspace.

4. Storage is key

The next two peripherals are for those who make use of portable hard drives, which are a convenient storage solution for those working both at home and at an office in a hybrid environment.

Here you’re going to want to protect the drive with the 2.5″ Nylon portable HDD case. Available in four colours, it is an inexpensive solution to keep your data and documents safe when you’re on the move or simply to store it safely away from dust.

5. Protecting data

For an added layer of protection there is the 2.5 USB 3.0 External HDD enclosure. This transparent case is perfect for those doing enterprise-related work or if you have a dedicated drive hooked up to a monitor or TV that you’re working from. The case ensures it is protected from anything, while also providing a housing for connecting the HDD to a device when needed sans any tools.

6. Well covered

Next is a desk pad. We’re not simply talking about a mousepad here, but a piece of multispandex rubber wide enough at 90 centimetres to take up the width of your workspace. This is perfect for notebook or PC setups, with it capable of housing the keyboard and mouse for the latter or the notebook and mouse for the former (as seen in the header image).

7. Put it on wheels

Last in this list of streamlining products is something for the desktop PC and workstation users out there – a wheeled computer stand. On the occasions you need to move your tower around, bending over and potentially putting your back out is less than ideal. As such, a wheeled stand comes in handy and with the Orico version costing less than R250, it’s a steal. Just ask the people who want to put their new Mac Pro on wheels about how expensive it can be.

All of the above Orico products are available locally via Takealot, and given how affordably priced the brand is, streamlining your remote working setup need not be a sizeable investment. It means the only thing holding back your perfect workspace environment, is you.

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