Another LEGO Friends set comes to South Africa for R3K

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Back in 2019 the continually popular sitcom Friends was turned into a LEGO set based on the coffee shop Central Perk. Now in 2021 Friends returns to the world of LEGO with a new set.

The newest product has a rather simple name – 10292: The Friends Apartments. As you can tell from that name the set has you building the two apartments where much of the show takes place including a small section of hallway which join the two.

Like the Central Perk this new buildable scene will also feature some flourishes indicating this is a TV set as there are pieces of scaffolding and stage lights in various parts of the apartments.

The set comes with a rather hefty amount of minifigures with seven in total. This includes the six titular friends as well as Janice.

In the box there are 2 048 pieces and, once assembled, the apartments measure in at 10 X 64 X 31 centimetres (height X width X length).

Overseas the RRP of the set is €149.99 / $149.99 / £134.99 / AUD$259.99 / CAD$199.99. In South Africa we have confirmation that our price will be R2 999.00, and it will be available from 1st June.

That pricing compared to other countries is to be expected for a large set. As always the UK price is the closest to that in South Africa as it includes tax. At the time of writing £134.99 converts to around R2 674. Those looking to buy this set in South Africa are paying over a few extra hundred Rands because this is a larger LEGO set.

With all the hard numbers aside, how does the set look? We’d be lying if we said it doesn’t look rather boring to us. It’s just some living spaces with minifigures strewn about.

That being said a lot of LEGO fans like that kind of set and, of course, this seems to be a no brainer for the Friends fans out there, especially those who dipped their toes into the world of LEGO in 2019 when the original set was released.

For fans of the show the set is also packed with references to certain episodes and events so we’re sure the building experience will be a fun one as those physical touchstones are built brick by brick.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of