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As predicted there’s a Steam Open World Sale

Back in April something strange happened: Valve put out a public announcement of the “Open World Sale” to happen right at the end of May. What made this strange is that it was clear the announcement was meant for developers, and not the public, so we got a massive forewarning about the next sale on the platform.

Now that it’s the end of May the Open World Sale has kicked off right on time. Between now and 31st May (next week Monday) most games that feature some kind of open world component are available at a discount.

As always our advice for Steam sales remains the same ever since Valve did away with limited time deeper discounts: use your wishlist. Go on over to your Steam wishlist and see which games are discounted as the sale percentage lopped off is visible right from that page.

If you haven’t been using the Steam wishlist now is the time to start.

Outside of that there’s also the fantastic site GG.Deals that will show if any game currently has a historic low – the cheapest price it has ever been available. Just keep in mind that some games which have historic lows may still be cheaper to access by way of Xbox Game Pass or EA Play.

Finally we have to mention the Epic Games Store. It’s still currently running its Mega Sale until 17th June. Before you buy anything in the Open World Sale make sure you check out Epic to see if it’s cheaper.

Also remember that the Mega Sale comes with a coupon of R160 on any purchase over R239.99. Between the sale, localised pricing and the coupon it’s almost a certainty that a game available on both platforms will be cheaper from Epic right now.

With that mind in mind just remember that you’re missing out on Steam features like the no questions asked return policy and, well, simple things like user reviews and a shopping basket.

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