Banhammer, Game Pass fixes coming to Knockout City

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Knockout City, the new multiplayer dodgeball game, is experiencing problems in relation to bans and rewards for those playing right now, both of which are being seen to by developer Velan Studios.

“Some players are encountering unintentional matchmaking bans as a result of timeout errors. We are aware of this issue and are working diligently to provide a fix in an upcoming patch,” the official account for the gamer announced.

In relation to these bans players worry that joining in on games that have already started would similarly lead to some kind of punishment. This is also being worked on.

“We’ve also seen some players concerned about joining matches in progress. To clarify, if you join a match in progress, you don’t receive any penalties in League Play for losses, either losing LP or breaking your streak. If you join a match in progress and help bring the team to victory, it still counts as a win and counts toward your win streak!” the announcement continues.

Knockout City has racked up more than two million players since launching on 21st May with a big driver in that success being a free trial period called Block Party.

Not only does the Block Party allow what is essentially a demo of the full game until 30th May, but it also rewards players with a bundle of items added to their accounts. This has caused problems for those playing the game through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play services.

“If you have EA Play / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we’re working on a fix to get you your Block Party Rewards. This may take another day or two (and could take extra time if you haven’t yet logged in for the first time). but we’ll get these bonuses added to your account, hang tight!” adds Velan Studios.

Those who have outright bought the game through the Standard and Deluxe Editions are also supposed to receive these rewards but some may not have. This is another known problem that is being addressed right now.

Fixes to all of these small niggles are promised to come within the next few days with anyone affected asked to be patient.

Knockout City is a budget title but has managed to punch above its weight class with the clever free Block Party and some paid advertising from publisher EA, so problems like this are to be expected with so many people playing. When the Block Party ends later this month it will be interesting to see how many players stick around.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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