Batman does his best Iron Man impression for Fortnite

We recently discussed Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, a limited six-issue comic run that also unlocks cosmetic DLC for the game. Now its latest issue has been released with a focus on the titular Batman.

To mark the event there’s a new trailer embedded below. Remember the now famous scene in 2008’s Iron Man where a trapped Tony Stark makes his first ever suit at a forge using old school techniques, a hammer and an anvil?

Well this new trailer is almost exactly that. Instead of making some suit of high tech armour though, Batman instead makes a giant axe with the bat symbol as the blade.

This is, of course, because Fortnite has an affinity for pickaxes to harvest materials, but it still looks goofy that Batman is fighting people with guns with a giant axe. More goofy than his regular assortment of batarangs and other faux ninja weapons? Maybe.

As a quick reminder of how the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point event works, the comics contain codes which unlock the cosmetic items. Unfortunately this offer is only available in the US, so for the rest of us outside of America the items are added to the in-game store.

The release of these items has been provided in a table you can view below. On top of what’s on offer here those who use the codes from all six comics also unlock an “Armored Batman Zero” outfit.

Despite the table below the whole unlock process is a bit more in depth with those interested instructed to check out the dedicated Epic Games post here which contains an FAQ.

Issue #  Release Date Bonus Cosmetic Bundled with Print Comic or for Paid Subscribers of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE (US-only; Not Available During Free Trial Period) Item Shop Release
1 April 20 Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit – June 2021
2 May 4 Batman Zero Wing Glider Batman Zero Outift – May 4
3 May 18 To be revealed To be revealed
4 June 1 To be revealed To be revealed
5 June 15 To be revealed To be revealed
6 July 6 To be revealed To be revealed
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