Black Widow ‘Red Room Takeover’ starts in Marvel’s Avengers

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To keep the hype for the Black Widow movie going the Marvel’s Avengers game is running an event called the Red Room Takeover that is live right now and will run until 31st May.

For those unfamiliar the Red Room is the Soviet spy programme that trained Natasha Romanoff and turned her into the Black Widow. We’ve been promised to see more of the Red Room, and the other Soviet spies, in the upcoming movie.

As for the game the Red Room Takeover is a singleplayer event that sees the HARM Room – a virtual reality room the Avengers use for training – hacked and used against them.

In-game the character behind this is Yelena Belova, who will also appear in the movie as played by Florence Pugh.

Players participating in the Red Room Takeover will play in five different HARM Room levels. This event has been made so that most players can participate with Power Levels between one and 120 supported here.

The rewards for winning, as revealed by Marvel itself, are as follows:

-Players can earn exclusive ‘Widow Maker’ comics for completing each Red Room Challenge.

-Completing each Event Assignment will award player a generous amount of XP and—if their Hero is above Power Level 80—a piece of gear from the re-introduced Surging Set. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.

-Completing the Event Challenge Assignment will award a large amount of XP, an exclusive event nameplate, and a bundle of Polychoron and Upgrade Modules. Heroes above Power Level 120 will also receive a piece of Exotic gear originally found in Last Avenger Standing. Heroes below this power threshold will receive gear scaled to their Power Level.

Another link between the game and the movie is the “Widow’s Origin” outfit, a white version of the Black Widow suit. This is similar to an outfit Scarlett Johansson will wear in the movie which has been used on posters.

Outside of the game the Black Widow movie is finally slated to be released on 9th July in theatres. For those lucky enough to live in a country that has Disney+, the movie will be made available on the streaming platform for an additional fee on top of the subscription cost.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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