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How To Track Your Child’s Location from Your Phone

Written by Rajesh Jhamb, content marketer on behalf of Wondershare.

Remember when you thought it was a good idea to let your kid go to the playground and come back when they’re done? 

Now you’re wondering where your kid has been all day. I know you want the best for your child and sometimes you need to know their location. 

But it can be hard to know how they are when they’re out of sight. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best app for tracking your child’s location, both on Android and iOS. 

We will glance through the features of the app, its pricing, and a brief guide on how to check the real-time location tracker on the device.

Are Parental Control apps really helpful?

It’s easy to keep an eye on children when they are around but what can be done when they are out of your sight? Keeping children away from adult supervision is not safe.

The best parental control apps can prevent access to apps that require Internet access. You will know that your child will not be able to download apps, especially those downloaded by other people. 

In addition, the app will also allow you to control how often the device can be used and on what device. You can restrict the device to be used at a specific time and have it charged when your child is not using it. 

Nothing can be as important as your kid’s safety even though it may sound like a privacy breach

Famisafe Parental Control App overview

Famisafe Parental control app enables you to track your child’s location from your smartphone. It enables you to know exactly where your child is and which areas they are exploring. It tracks location and places. 

You can choose one of the location tracking cities and determine whether the app is tracking your child’s location near or at your home. For a fee, you can also use location tracking to monitor your child’s location and helps you find your child’s phone if they leave it behind. It’s easy to use and download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Moreover, it has a windows parental control version of the app with similar features. 

Famisafe parental control app key features

Real-time location tracking 

Famisafe lets you track the real-time location of your child.  Furthermore, you can set geofences and get alerts whenever your child goes beyond it.

Driving history report

In Famisafe, there is a feature called driving history report, which when enabled keeps a track of the driving parameters such as top speed, average speed, and more. It gives you a detailed report of how your child drives the vehicle. 

Screen time

Screen time helps you to identify which apps your child uses the most. You can even find the websites visited and time spent, therefore, it becomes easier to find out the apps he is addicted to and impose a screen time on the device. 

Activity report

The activity report tab gives you an insight into the overall device usage, apps installed, apps uninstalled, apps used, websites visited, videos watched and for how long. You can permanently or temporarily block apps on your child’s device.

App Blocker

The Famisafe parental control app gives you a free hand on blocking apps that you think are not good for your child. You can block games, apps, and get alerts whenever your child wants to access them.

Detect suspicious photos

Famisafe monitors the gallery of your child’s device and detects suspicious images like nudes, pornography and more. 

Detect suspicious text

Famisafe also detects suspicious texts. You can add a list of words that you don’t want your child to encounter with, and get alerts as soon as the “words” appear on his/her devices while using any apps or websites. 

Pricing of Famisafe Parental Control

Famisafe is an affordable app, that allows you to monitor the device of your child. The subscription of the app is available in three types, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The monthly plan starts at $9.99 per month and protects five devices at a time.

The quarterly plan priced at $19.99 every quarter and protects 10 devices concurrently. Whereas, the yearly plan, labelled as the most affordable among all three choices, is billed at just $59.99 per year protecting 10 devices. 

You can try the app by download it from below:

  1. Apple App store
  2. Google Play Store

How To Track Your Child’s Location from Your Phone

Firstly, download the app on your device, and register for a Famisafe account. Make sure you have selected “parent” option before registration, and once done you can purchase a subscription plan.

Download the app on your child’s device, and sign in using the pairing code, which is instant. Once done, go to the features list and enable location tracking. You can set geofences and set them to receive alerts. 

That’s it. In this way, you can set location tracking on your child’s device. 


Not all location tracking apps are the same. You need to take into account all the features and benefits before signing up for anyone. To sum it up, the Famisafe app is easy to use, stable, it is safe and highly compatible with all devices. It has good accuracy, good design, and they are also cheap.

Famisafe is a total package for parents that secures kids’ future. It blocks useless apps and websites, helps the kids focus on the important part of real life, lets them stay unplugged from the internet rather than staying indulged in a digitised environment accessing social media which will not help them in any way.

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