Knockout City free Block Party brings in 2 million players

Knockout City, the latest game from Velan Studios and EA, has had a rather convincing launch after being made available on 21st May.

This as it has been announced that the game has racked up a population of two million players, a rather large amount for a smaller multiplayer title that is also a budget game.

One big reason for this high number is the Block Party, an interesting way to get people in the game by offering a complete free trial until 30th May.

The announcement mentions the Block Party encouraging more people to get in:

Welcome to Knockout City, population: YOU! Well, you, and TWO MILLION of your friends! If you haven’t joined in on the #BlockParty free trial, why the heck not? Knockout City is available free to try right now!

With cross-play and cross-progression on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PS5 and Xbox X|S (w/ backwards compatibility), you can brawl with friends anywhere, at any time.

The Block Party free trial is only available for another 5 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes. Plus, if you purchase Knockout City before it ends, you’ll get a bunch of exclusive gear, so grab a friend and get in!

By the time you’re reading this that countdown will be lower so make sure you play before the end of the month if you want to give it a spin for free.

Aside from being able to play for free we’ve been seeing a lot of Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators being paid to advertise the game with sponsored segments.

Knockout City is being poised as a living game with the launch touted as “season one”, so we can probably expect the game to be updated as long as there are players and it’s making enough money to satisfy EA.

For now this unique third person blend of deathmatch and dodgeball seems to be impressing but can the numbers hold once people need to actually pay to play?

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