Marvel Future Revolution shows off New Stark City, Loki

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Marvel Future Revolution, the rather anticipated open world RPG by Netmarble, has revealed some snippets over the weekend including everyone’s favourite trickster god Loki as well as a location called New Stark City.

New Stark City was actually revealed by the official Twitter account for the app back on 1st January 2021 as a New Year celebration. These two tweets and their accompanying images are all we have to go off of as to what this area offers the players as it seems to be a new concept created for the game.

We love Iron Man and we’ve read a few hundred comics based on the character, but we don’t recall an entire city created by the character that shares this name.

That said it does remind us of the Superior Iron Man arc in which an evil Tony Stark buys Alcatraz Island and turns it into “Stark Island”.

From the marketing material released so far we doubt Iron Man will be a surprise villain here but, hey, anything is possible really.

If you can think up a comic or other Marvel property which has a closer analogue for New Stark City, let us know.

As a more clear cut villain there’s Loki. Yes we know Loki is sometimes a hero and the MCU version is very likable thanks to the acting of Tom Hiddleston, but the character is a villain in Marvel Future Revolution.

Showing off the character recently on the official account and it’s referred to as a “villain reveal” so there’s very little wiggle room here.

The design of Thor’s brother here is clearly inspired by the now iconic MCU look, more specifically how he was dressed up in the original Avengers from 2012. Look at the image below and compare it to this and it’s easy to see where the design cues came from.

As with our previous coverage of this game we still know very little about it with no release date, platform or other concrete information available right now.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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