‘Minor calibrations’ show up in Mass Effect patch notes

Of all the famous quotes and events from the Mass Effect series Garrus’ talk of calibrations is one of the best known, something that has now shown up in patch notes for the recently released Legendary Edition of the trilogy.

Below are the latest – and relatively short – patch notes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. You can see talk of calibrations in the underlined part of the general subheader.


  • Fixed the main issue where the launcher would crash or become unresponsive on Xbox Series X when using a wireless headset
    • Known issue: This can still happen if you enable/disable a headset in the launcher. A future fix will resolve this issue.
  • Improved iris shaders for better interaction with light and ambient occlusion
  • Minor calibrations, fixes, and stability improvements

Mass Effect

  • Improved terrain textures
  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly

Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

  • Resolved an issue where the character code would sometimes not display in the squad menu
  • Improvements to pre-rendered cutscenes to reduce occasional artifacts

Mass Effect 2

  • Improved lighting and shadows in some cinematics
  • Minor visual, rendering, and VFX improvements on some levels
  • Resolved minor text issues with achievements

Mass Effect 3

  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly

While we’re glad to see these changes some problems persist. We’re currently playing through the Legendary Edition and have encountered problems in the first game affecting progression.

While not as serious as losing progress we also keep encountering a bug where sniping an enemy will cause them to disappear. We don’t mean that the character model falls down and despawns (which is a very common way to save memory in a game), but the enemy simply disappears when they get hit. Maybe this isn’t a bug and our copy simply has access to some unknown alien weaponry.

Hopefully the more serious problems are being worked on and we will see them fixed in later patches. The mention of a future fix for the wireless headset problem has hoping that BioWare and EA will support this release for a little while.

Right now the Legendary Collection is selling rather well so it would make sense to keep the gravy train rolling.


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