Pokémon boxarts revealed as pre-orders open

Back in February we learned of the next three Pokémon games in the forms of Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Now, as May comes to a close, pre-orders open up for these games and we get a glimpse at their boxarts.

Let’s start with the games coming out first – Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – with the pair slated for release on 19th November 2021.

These can be pre-ordered here with three options available: single $59.99 purchases of each game or as a double pack for $119.00.

Localised pricing isn’t available just yet even though Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl do show up in the South African version of the eShop. The lack of pricing there also means that you can’t pre-order the game.

The pre-orders for all three games here seem to be directing buyers overseas to hand over money for physical copies at local game stores.

And with that in mind what do these physical copies look like? They’re rather bland with the box art legendries just basically screaming into the void.

On to something a bit more promising in the form of Legends: Arceus and its launched planned for 28th January 2022.

Like the other two its physical pre-order site can be found at the bottom of its dedicated site with directions overseas to buy a physical copy for $59.99.

Again the game shows up in the South African eShop but pre-orders are not available, nor is a localised price.

The art here is much better and at least has some life to it compared to the shouting 3D models in a black void. This art features the two playable characters, the three started Pokémon for the game and a handful of other Pokémon. We have to wonder if those other Pokémon were included for a reason or they’re simply there because the artists in charge likes them.

Right now there’s no talk of pre-order bonuses for these three but those are usually announced closer to the release dates, so the developers must just be hoping people will be ordering on the love of the franchise alone which, in fairness, they probably will.

Again we have to remind everyone to never pre-order. Even a franchise as old and as beloved as Pokémon has had its ups and downs with the last generation Sword and Shield definitely being a down. As always, wait for the reviews.

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