The Destiny 2 version of Vault of Glass is a hit

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On Saturday time repeated itself and the first Raid in Destiny became the latest Raid in Destiny 2.

The Vault of Glass became available on Saturday evening and while the first clears of the Raid happened rather quickly, the Challenge Mode had several teams stumped requiring near flawless execution of mechanics and the various challenges within the encounters.

The first team to complete both the normal Raid and the Challenge mode was Clan Elysium which had a rather spectacular run.

As for the Raid, there are a number of notable differences between this version and the original. The entrance mechanics are a tad different as are the mechanics for the Oracles.

The community is in love with this Raid though and that’s certainly a comfort for Bungie which has been criticised of reskinning and recycling content in the past. Vault of Glass is great for returning players and new players alike even if the story doesn’t make complete sense anymore.

There are also two puzzles in the Raid, one of which references The Whisper mission, which actually references Vault of Glass, so we’ve come full circle here.

The first puzzle is for the Bitterpearl shader. To get this shader you will need to find 12 items (they resemble shards of glass) within the Vault of Glass Raid.

The video below from Datto will guide you through the Raid to find these items.

The second puzzle is a lot more complex and requires the Vex Mythoclast.

Yes, Vex Mythoclast is back and drops randomly upon completions of the Raid. This drop chance is limited as with all Destiny 2 Raids so there is no endless farming happening here unfortunately. We suspect that there is bad luck protection as there is with the Last Wish and Deep Stone Crypt but Bungie hasn’t confirmed this.

Back to the puzzle.

Throughout the Raid you will find five empty plates. Stepping on these plates with Vex Mythoclast will spawn Oracles which need to be shot in the correct order.

You can find a detailed breakdown of where to find the plates in this post over on the r/RaidSecrets sub-Reddit.

Completing this puzzle will earn you the Vex Mythoclast’s Catalyst.

Of course, a number of new weapons have been added to the game but are only available from the Raid. These include fan favourites such as Fatebringer, Found Verdict and Praedyth’s Revenge.

The success of Vault of Glass has us wondering what other Raids will make their way to the new Legends tab in Destiny 2’s director.

With the recent community-led Season of the Plague (no it’s not real as much as we wish it was) Wrath of the Machine comes up as a suggestion time and time again. While we’d love to see that Raid get the refresh treatment we’d love the chance to do King’s Fall on a new generation of hardware.

With the Witch Queen expansion inching ever closer, King’s Fall would make sense as a way to acquaint new players with the complexities of the Hive and its rulers.

For anybody hoping that Bungie would tie Vault of Glass to the Season of the Splicer, you will be left wanting for one but the season just launched so perhaps there are things yet to uncover within Destiny 2.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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