Twitter subscription could cost $2.99 a month and feature undo tweet

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Following a flurry of announcements earlier this month, it looks like a Twitter subscription service is on the cards. What guise that service will take remains to be seen, but some investigating and digging from noted app detective Jane Manchun Wong may provide some insight.

To that end, Wong (who is normally spot on in terms of her app discoveries) has found out that the Twitter subscription service could cost $2.99 (~R41.89) and may be called Twitter Blue. While this has not been confirmed by Twitter, it remains to be seen whether users would indeed pay for access to elements of a service which has traditionally been free to date.

In order to win over subscribers, it looks like Twitter Blue will bundle in access to new features that the company is working. This includes the ability to undo a tweet, which we reported on earlier this year. Added to this would be a Collections and Bookmarks feature, which seems like an extension of the oft-forgotten Lists functionality in the platform.

While Wong has uncovered some noteworthy elements above, the elusive edit tweet function has not shown up yet. It likely won’t either, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey saying the company “will probably never do it,” last year. That said, would the ability to edit tweets be enough to prompt a $3 monthly subscription to Twitter Blue?

That remains to be seen, as is who the company will be aiming this subscription service to.

In our view, those with verified accounts naturally spring to mind, or those who depend on Twitter for their livelihood like influencers or social media managers. Brands and companies that specialise in content creation, like Hypertext does, also spring to mind.

Either way it looks like Twitter is pushing ahead with a subscription service. The only missing detail at this stage, is when it plans to launch such an offering.

[Image – Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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