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Ubisoft releases drawn demos of Far Cry 6 weapons

Last week we got our first proper look at Far Cry 6, which included a focus on the guerrilla weaponry that the player will make use of in the game, and now we have an alternate look at these.

Over the past few days publisher Ubisoft has been releasing short videos about these weapons.

What makes these videos unique is that, while they do recycle footage from the gameplay reveal, they include a bunch of new drawings and animations based on instructional content.

The drawings here remind us of the old Haynes Workshop Manuals, especially those released for fictional vehicles.

Unfortunately, at least right now, these videos have only been released on Twitter so we all have to deal with its awful compression.

It appears that clicking on the YouTube link will take you to an upload on that site but it simply leads to the aforementioned video about guerrilla warfare and not these interesting animations on their own.

We hope that these animations make it into the final game.. Maybe they can be used as introductions to the weapons when they’re unlocked, akin to the cartoons played when acquiring Vigors in Bioshock Infinite.

We’ll find out when Far Cry 6 launches on 7th October for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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