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A leaked version of Windows 11 has all but confirmed a new OS

Things have accelerated quickly since Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella teased “significant updates” for Windows in May.

First an event was announced for the 24th June in which we were asked to join Microsoft to see “what’s next”. Then earlier this week the date for end of support for Windows 10 revealed and just before South Africa began celebrating Youth Day, a supposedly leaked version of Windows 11 has found its way online.

Mind you the operating system isn’t available through any official channels and downloading it opens you up to a world of risk given that Microsoft probably isn’t distributing its latest operating system, before it’s announced, on torrent websites.

We advise caution if you’re thinking of downloading this operating system. While you could avoid FOMO, you could also open yourself up to cybercriminals who are using that FOMO to compromise you.

So what does the operating system do that’s different from Windows 10?

Right now it looks like Microsoft is borrowing design language from Apple and macOS with the default appearance centering the icons on the taskbar.

Those new icons Microsoft has been designing also make an appearance and according to CNN, windows now have rounded corners and you can select between three options when maximising a window.

But how is performance?

Technology YouTuber Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips answered that exact question in a video published earlier this morning and ummm, things are a bit wonky.

As Sebastian showcases, installing the operating system is an adventure on its own. That is to be expected however given that this isn’t an official release.

When things do work, well they work as you would expect them to.

This does all beg the question – will Microsoft be launching Windows 11 next week?

While we doubt the leaked version of Windows is the final version, perhaps Windows Insiders will get a sneak peak soon before the general public can take the OS out for a spin.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to find out more.

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