A story mode comes to Dying Light: Hellraid

Hellraid is the paid DLC for Dying Light that takes the zombie-killing melee system from the base game and applies it to a medieval fantasy setting, and now it has given players more reasons to play with an update adding a story mode and more to the expansion.

Released in August 2020 the Hellraid DLC was received poorly. Looking at Steam alone, it has a Mostly Negative overall rating with a tiny 23 percent of the 955 reviews being positive.

Some of these reviews are negative because people are confused by the fact that developer Techland is working on this instead of Dying Light 2.

Putting these aside the reviews point out how short and unfulfilling the content is, especially for the price and the standard of quality Dying Light set.

This new update brings with it content to address these problems, it seems, with the patch notes reading:

To go along with all of this there are two new videos: a general trailer for the update (see above) and the intro cinematic (see below). We assume the cinematic will play when you dive into the story mode of Hellraid.

For those still not happy with what’s on offer Techland has stated that Hellraid will continue to receive updates as time goes on to further the plot of this story.

Again we have to bring up Dying Light 2 before we sign off on this. The game has received a lot of backlash due to the large amount of time between its reveal and any update or release from Techland.

The developer recently broke silence with promised video updates and a release date was provided for 7th December 2021, along with a new subtitle – “Stay Human”.

This hasn’t stopped people from continually asking about it and Hellraid. On Twitter someone rudely brought this up, prompting Techland to reply with a gif from The Office.

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