Disrupting the wearables market, the Huawei Band 6 goes on pre-order this week

Huawei has invested heavily over the past few years to widen its range of consumer devices beyond that of smartphones. The company recently re-entered the South African market with notebooks, but also has a strong history in terms of audio hardware too. The one area it is seeing the most success, however, is in the wearables space, so much so that it has the largest market share for this segment in South Africa.

Much of this success can be pegged down to the great value for money and innovative capabilities of its wearables, such as the Watch GT lineup which feature class-leading battery life and all-around fitness monitoring.

The latest device being introduced to the Huawei family of wearable products is the Huawei Band 6. This new offering is set to be a real game changer on the South African wearables landscape thanks to its mix of great features, beautiful design and impressive pricing.

The new Huawei Band 6 is also going up for pre-order in South Africa this week, starting on 11th June and ending on 18th June. During this week-long window, the Band 6 will be available to pre-order for R1 699 (RRP) via the official Huawei online store.

As always the company is adding some extra value for those who chose to pre-order. If you pay R49 in advance, you get R200 off of the R1 699 asking price, along with a handy and handsome water bottle worth R199 being thrown in by Huawei.

While the price is one reason to get your hands on the new Huawei Band 6, some of the other notable features that this smart fitness band boasts, includes up to two weeks battery life. This is one area that Huawei leads all other manufacturers and something that the brand has quickly become known for.

Added to this is the FullView, with the 1.47″ Amoled screen serving up 148 percent larger real estate compared to previous Huawei Bands. This larger display also means more data and metrics can be viewed from your wrist, allowing for a seamless interactive experience when it comes to your fitness.

There’s the inclusion of a digital workout assistant too, with support for 96 different modes, not to mention the fact that the band 6 offers 24/7 heart rate and all-day Sp02 monitoring, which are two key metrics that professional athletes in particular need to track.

As such, the Huawei Band 6 is putting the same kind of technology that pros use on your wrist.

On top of this, personal wellbeing is an aspect that Huawei has built into the Band 6 as well, with the ability to monitor one’s stress and sleep, both of which have proved increasingly important to track and keep an eye on this digitally driven world.

Where most fitness bands would cost double the price of the Huawei Band 6, this latest offering provides a smartwatch-comparable experience in a sleeker form factor. For those who want a discerning piece of technology on their wrist that still boasts a rich feature set and accurate monitoring, the Huawei Band 6 is a must.

To find out how to pre-order yours, head to the Huawei online store here.

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