Fourth delay pushes Unisa assignments again

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has made the decision to grant an extension of assignments for students, making it the fourth time this batch of work has been pushed back by the institution.

This delay is significant given the multiple times it has happened in 2021. These assignments were extended before to 12th May, 24th May, 7th June and now 14th June.

In an announcement to students Unisa provides no further details about why this is, simply using a template we’ve seen before:

We are aware that some students have experienced challenges and were unable to meet the first assignment due date of 7 June 2021.

We wish to encourage all students to submit their assignments as these form a critical part of your learning. For this reason, we will keep the module sites open until 14 June 2021 to provide those students who experienced challenges extra time to submit their first assignments. This extension excludes continuous assessments, signature modules and year modules.

We similarly wish to encourage students to submit their second assignments on time and to proceed with their examination preparation.

While Unisa provides no further details it’s clear why these delays are necessary. Late registrations, lack of access to study materials, problems with allowances and more have all contributed to a difficult school year at Unisa.

Back to back triple delays have happened before, but in 2021 we also saw the  #UselessUnisa hashtag trending on Twitter as students found themselves faced with a mountain of problems when trying to continue their studies recently.

Once again we now wait and see if the 14th June date will stick or a fifth delay will be announced.

Regardless of delays Unisa students can see our various guides around succeeding at the university with our previous stories:

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