Free Lives kick ’em up FPS Anger Foot gets a big update

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South African developer Free lives has just released an update to its in-progress game Anger Foot which can best be described as a mix between Hotline Miami and John Wick where one of your most powerful weapons is a kick that can shatter doors like they’re made out of glass and kill a man in one hit.

The game has been flying under the radar on where you can download it right now and pay what you want.

This is update V0.5 which gives us hope that we’ll see more of this game as it gets filled in and some 1.0 release is in sights.

“For this update we’ve been focusing a lot raising the bar in terms of detail and polish. We’ve reworked a lot of the game systems to make everything more interactive and explosive. We hope you enjoy all the new levels, enemies, sounds and effects!” reads an update on the page.

We’ve played the early version of the game that’s available and it blew us away. Putting aside some rough edges and weird mouse movements Anger Foot (also sometimes written as “Angerfoot”) is great at getting you into a flow state of violence as you kick in doors and juggle weapons to clear levels.

It not only borrows from Hotline Miami in terms of style but also how encounters are structured. You can get through levels on your first try but many will require a few restarts. Levels that feel long can then be blasted through in seconds as you have enemy placements memorised and you can pinpoint kill them as soon as they pop up.

Enemies die in a single hit and you as the player can take two long range hits or a single close range hit before dying.

When we called this a Free Lives game that’s only a half truth. From what we understand the studio allows developers to work on projects of their own with Angerfoot made by Robbie Fraser, Luc Wolthers and Jason Sutherland. Sometimes these projects are then turned by Free Lives into a full production game, which is what happened recently with Tera Nova.

You can read some of the updates (and see a gif of the game in action) in the embedded tweet below, but the full patch notes for V0.5 are as follows:

• Added 5 new levels
• Added 2 new enemies
• New tooling for constructing levels
• New weapon models
• New first person rigs for feet and hands
• New first person animations
• Many new props, textures and environment details
• Tons of new effects
• New enemy locomotion system and animations
• New parallax depth window shaders
• New generalized damage system
• New destructible prop system
• Reworked kicking physics and prop interactions
• Better hinges on cupboards and other props
• New systems for triggering sounds and visual effects in the environment
• Many new bullet impacts and environmental effects
• Many new prop and environmental sounds
• You can now thow guns into roaches
• Improvements to character and environment shaders
• Subwoofers are now physical objects
• Improved ambient occlusion effect
• New world map scene to select levels
• New bullet impact decals
• New muzzle flashes
• New music
• Guns now eject cartridges when fired
• Enemy footsteps make sound
• Proper corners on interior walls
• Mouse cursor is now a foot
• New posters
• Fixed crosshair dissapearing bug maybe

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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