Get all-day health monitoring and management with the new Huawei Band 6

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They say that a Summer body is built in the Winter, which is especially good news for South Africans as the colder months have recently hit. Also of interest to those who are fitness focused in the new Huawei Band 6, which is set to launch in the country later this month.

In preparation of its arrival Huawei has unpacked all the key features embedded into the Band 6, explaining how its all-day monitoring and management will prove essential helping South Africans to live a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike its previous wearables, the Huawei Band 6 embraces the form factor of the recently launched Watch Fit, utilising a rectangular design over a circular one.

At your fingertips

Apart from differentiating the Band 6 from other Huawei wearables, the design also serves up more screen real estate with the 1.47″ Amoled screen yielding a 148 percent larger viewable area compared to past iterations. Added to this are ultra slim bezels to create a 64 percent screen to body ratio, ensuring that all the vital health data you need is always accessible and visible on your wrist.

For those who plan to leverage all the data that the Huawei Band 6 captures, the high-resolution 194×368 display with 282 ppi will prove crucial.

Sticking with data, the UI of the Band 6 allows wearers to set up their watch face’s home screen as they see fit, whether it be to prioritise daily fitness goals, battery life or steps tracked, the interface adds a higher degree of customisation than past Huawei wearables.

Another key feature is battery life as Huawei has once again delivered two weeks worth of battery life from a fully charged Band 6. This is in keeping with the fortnight’s worth of battery life that the Huawei Watch GT series is famous for, and more importantly means users can spend more time tracking their fitness and monitoring the results than needing to plug it in to charge every night, which is the case for many other competitor wearables.

As for what you’ll be able to capture in those two weeks between charges, the Huawei Band 6 supports 24/7 heart rate monitoring. You can also set alerts for when the heart rate rises above or drops below a desired level, making it particularly useful for those with heart conditions to constantly keep an eye on how their ticker is performing.

Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) is another area that the Band 6 can monitor, with it being an increasingly important metric for professional athletes and one that Huawei has been working on perfecting the accuracy of in recent years.

A holistic approach

For those concerned with wellbeing, stress, sleep and menstrual cycle tracking and monitoring is available too, which means the Huawei Band 6 is not solely a workout companion, but a piece of holistic technology too.

That said, Huawei has not forgotten about the other key features that its consumers expect when it comes to fitness wearables, with support from a personal digital trainer present on the Band 6, along with phone notifications for messages and emails accessible on the device, not to mention handy features like controls for music and a countdown timer for your phone’s camera.

For those who want a smart band that can do it all without breaking the bank, the Huawei Band 6 will certainly tick all the boxes.

Expected later this month, be on the lookout for details on its price and availability on the Huawei South Africa online store.



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