Here’s Hotline Miami remade in Game Builder Garage

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Game Builder Garage, Nintendo’s attempt at a game creation tool for the Switch, released earlier this month and like all products in this category, it is already being used to recreate other games with the latest being Hotline Miami.

YouTube user yeddow333 has revealed a video showing off a tiny snippet of “Hotline Miami” within Game Builder Garage.

The player character has some wild swinging arms and bullets take the form of giant black balls, but it’s very clear what’s happening here.

“A stage based on the trippy, brutal action game: Hotline Miami. Kill all the enemies and leave the floor to win. Featuring two equipable weapons (shotgun + assault rifle). Enjoy! (V1.4),” reads the video description.

The code to access this creation is G-005-WDY-H1L.

While this would just be another great fan creation it has attracted the attention of the people who made the real Hotline Miami.

The official Twitter account for the series of games has shared it on Twitter. Even better is the fact that the publisher for the series, Devolver Digital, has also retweeted it.

This is far from the first time that @HotlineMiami has shared fan art and creations before. Far from it, actually, as that seems to be the majority of what the account tweets about lately.

There is no Hotline Miami 3 so it seem that we’ll only have these fleeting moments of other people taking a swing at things.

There’s been a lot of imitators over the years trying to fill the Hotline Miami shoes with one of the most recent – and best received – being The Hong Kong Massacre.

Outside of copying the top down playstyle of the series there’s also a tonne of games that borrow stylistic elements from Hotline Miami, with one we just played this week in South African title Anger Foot.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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