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Here’s our first look at Synthetik 2 gameplay

We’ve long sung the praises of Synthetik, a roguelike twin-stick shooter where you’re a beefed up equivalent of Robocop mowing down endless waves of enemy robots, and it now has a sequel – Synthetik 2 – that we can now see in action.

Announced back in April Synthetik 2 is still in development so we’re not seeing a super polished trailer but, as developer Flow Fire Games puts it, “raw gameplay.

This gameplay is said to be from an alpha version of the game and features the Riot Guard character which was also in the first game. This character seems to have retained its abilities from the original so we will likely see it and other classes making a return.

It seems that this sequel also has a new art direction, ditching the stylised look of the first game for something more realistic. It’s still robots shooting at each other with giant guns but it looks closer to real life.

We’re not sure if it’s the in-progress nature of the game but, to us, it kind of looks like toys in a plastic environment, which we dig.

That aside the loud and violent nature of gameplay is still in tact and it remains fun to obliterate enemies. We had to laugh that this “raw gameplay” also featured a weapon jam, a mechanic from the first game and a terrifying problem that rears its head in many fights.

Synthetik 2 is scheduled to enter Steam’s Early Access on 9th August with a full release planned for some time in 2022. There’s a Steam page up already if you’d like to wishlist it now.

For those who don’t like Early Access titles Flow Fire Games states that what will be playable in August is feature complete with more content planned to be added.

“It already contains many new features, 5 Floors, the Police and Machine Military Factions, Including around 50 Weapons and Items, our new Module System, Class Specializations, and in general a much higher bar for quality over quantity,” reads the Steam description.

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