How to farm money fast in Necromunda: Hired Gun

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Necromunda: Hired Gun has been out for a couple of days now and players may have already found themselves without enough money to afford upgrades and customisation options, especially with the enticing gun skins being so expensive.

Thankfully making more money in this game is rather simple with just three steps:

Step 1: Invest in the Vocal Implant augment

Step 2: Equip your best weapon lucky charms

Step 3: Play side missions

While that’s the basics, let’s dig into the minutia.

Step 1: Invest in the Vocal Implant augment

Under the Cerebral augments you will find the Vocal Implant augment.

While this upgrade can cost a decent chunk of money to upgrade, at the top level you will be getting 120 percent higher credit rewards when it comes to secondary missions, which we will discuss soon.

If you’re just starting out and don’t even have enough money for this upgrade, just play secondary missions and make this your first investment so that future missions return more money.

Step 2: Equip your best weapon lucky charms

Lucky charms are loot which you can equip to guns granting them a simple effect: the chance to spontaneously grant players extra money when they make a kill.

As side missions in Necromunda: Hired Gun are so short it’s best that you choose one weapon and equip your best lucky charm to it, as you’ll likely only need the one gun for an entire mission.

Don’t be bashful when it comes to using the lucky charms as they can be added or removed to weapons at will when you’re between missions in Martyr’s End. If you get better weapons at a later stage your lucky charms can simply be removed from your now outdated guns.

The higher chance percentage on the lucky charms the better, so prioritise a higher stat here compared to the credit reward when it’s triggered.

Money you earn from lucky charm kills will briefly pop up in the top right corner while playing. You will likely miss this in the heat of combat but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Step 3: Play side missions

Playing side missions to get extra money will be your main source of income in this game as the main story missions award very little in comparison.

While you can get through the entire story campaign of Necromunda: Hired Gun without playing side missions, you may find yourself underequipped.

At the missions select screen you will find three classes of side mission. In ascending order of difficulty and reward these are B, A and S.

You can scout these missions to choose which is the best for you when it comes to balancing the difficulty with the reward.

If you just want to make money fast the best type of side mission is the Defend category. The category of the side mission is indicated in the top left corner of the little screen selector (see the screenshot above).

Defend missions have you confined within a small space while the enemies come to you. This saves a lot of time compared to other mission types as you don’t need to run around the level searching for objectives.

These missions can take as little as three minutes to complete. With a high level in Vocal Implant and and a decent lucky charm you can rake in 100 000 credits or more in a single three minute mission, which is an insanely fast turnaround.

Compare this to the fact that the main story campaign, which is around six hours long, only rewards 250 000 credits once complete.

For more Necromunda: Hired Gun see our launch day review and our guide to finding more loot chests.

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Clinton Matos

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