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How to find more chests in Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun launched yesterday and, as players discover shortly into the game, finding and looting chests is rather important and the best way to get new guns and other items.

The problems is that the chests can be incredibly difficult to find and purposefully set way off the beaten path. Even for those vetted in finding hidden game elements may be lost here due to the massive map sizes and confusing layouts of this game.

Thankfully there is help to be had from the game itself that some players may skip over, and that’s the “Augur Array” upgrade that is available to purchase.

The Augur Array is an upgrade for the player under the “Cerebral” implants menu. You can see a fully upgraded version of this in the screenshot below:

Once you’re loaded into a mission you can activate the Augur Array which will turn your vision into a black and white image. Enemies will be highlighted which makes for easier shooting, but the real boon here is that chests near you will also be made easier to find allowing you to spot them through walls.

Chests and other loot will be indicated by a white square with a red dot in the middle.

Again we have a screenshot for you to see below. The Augur Array intentionally distorts your vision so you may miss these little squares. If you’re having trouble and not seeing the squares you may be too far away from chests so progress through the level until they pop up again.

Click here for a cropped and zoomed in version of the screenshot for a better look at those squares.

Also, if you’re having trouble, keep in mind that the higher you upgrade this ability the further its range will be.

If you’re still missing chests even with this new ability you may want to consider playing some side missions. From our experiences the locations of chests in side missions remains the same so if you play the same mission twice you should be able to easily find chests as long as you remember their location from previous runs.

Finally, if you’re unsure as to how many chests are left in a level, just hold Tab. This is the default button press to bring up additional info on PC. For console the correct button prompt is displayed at all times in the upper left hand corner of the HUD.

Happy hunting and check out our review of Necromunda: Hired Gun for more.

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