htxt.africast – Are the power struggles over for SA?

The africast is back this week through the bitter cold and lack of power to look back at what happened in the last seven days with the thing on everyone’s lips – aside from frostbite – being loadshedding.

Before that let’s tackle some smaller fish with the first of which being a nameless malware that has been recently discovered. This malware has stolen a gargantuan amount of personal data with the infectious code apparently being snuck in with pirated copies of games and software.

Next is South African-born Elon Musk, far away from home with ample electricity powering a new kind of Tesla Model S called “Plaid”. This is billed as the fastest production car and seeks to win hearts and minds of those unsure about electric vehicles.

Finally there’s Battlefield 2042 which was revealed with horrendous pricing both overseas and even more so in South Africa. We’re not sure why companies continually misuse localised pricing when it’s so readily available, but the fact right now remains that poorer South Africans will pay more for the same game compared to richer games in first world countries.

Now for Eskom as loadshedding has visited once again. Amidst this routine crisis some good news has come as government will allow citizens and companies to generate more of their own power without needing to be registered.

While this is good in a vacuum it will do very little for the short term power shortage and thus is seen as government patting itself on the back with a token victory.

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