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htxt.africast – Our E3 2021 wishlist

As we enter June and the second half of 2021, we’re talking about the next big event on the calendar – E3 2021.

Before that let’s talk about some smaller happenings this week starting with a new game in the Warhammer 40K franchise – Necromunda: Hired Gun. This FPS just released and you can see our review and more guides linked below along with all the other stories mentioned this week. Hired Gun had some fun spots but was overall a disappointment.

Then there’s HarmonyOS which Huawei has been heavily pushing ever since it was severed from Google and its services that Android users know and love. HarmonyOS has an IOT focus and you may be using it sooner than you think.

Finally for the short stories this week there’s PC security company Norton who, in an add move, want to allow their customers to mine cryptocurrency. While doing so safely is a nice thought right now we’re missing some crucial details about the process, especially not knowing if Norton is going to be taking a cut of the profits.

Our big feature this week is E3 2021 which kicks off on 10th June. We have a good idea of what will be available given past reveals and some leaks, but there’s still a great deal that’s up in the air. We talk about what we’re likely to see, what we hope to see, and some guarantees. It may also be a big event for hardware with countless rumours right now around new tech from both Nintendo and Valve. Yes, Valve, the owner of Steam which has seemingly been spurred on by the rise of portal, handheld gaming PCs.

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