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Latest Binding of Isaac Kickstarter topples $1 million

Fans of the Binding of Isaac franchise have even more new content in the pipeline as series creator Edmund McMillen starts another Kickstarter campaign for Four Souls Requiem.

If this sounds familiar it’s because The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a card game that McMillen successfully crowdfunded back in 2018 that brought in $2 650 875 (~R36.4 million).

Requiem is a huge expansion to Four Souls that also gives backers the opportunity to get Binding of Isaac merch and the original game.

The Kickstarter for Requiem went live a few hours ago and, at the time of writing, 8 982 backers have pledged $1 252 400 (~R17.2 million) to making it happen. This is way past the modest goal of $100 000 (~R1.3 million) that was originally asked for.

“Requiem adds a new kind of card deck. The room deck. This is an optional deck with 50+ cards that makes things even more complex and exciting. Each room card acts as a global modifier for gameplay. Cursing, blessing, or just causing general chaos to the game,” reads part of the Kickstarter page.

This expansion also adds charmed (AKA friendly) enemies and Tainted versions of playable characters. Tainted characters are alternate versions of Binding of Isaac characters that were added to the videogame with the latest – and final – expansion called Repentance.

With all that context in mind what is available for those who want to spend money and become backers?

The base purchase here is $35 (~R482) which unlocks the 248 card Requiem expansion and the Rebalance pack, a set of cards made to better balance the core Four Souls game.

For those who missed out on Four Souls there’s also various options to get the base game along with the expansion. There’s a tonne of optional add ons for purchases as well as bulk buys intended for those who operate card stores and want to offer the game to their customers.

Check out the full Kickstarter page for more details before it ends in 30 days. It should be noted that those who buy within the first 48 hours of the campaign get a figurine of Tainted Isaac with their order. See the rotating gif of it at the bottom of this page.

As always with crowdfunding we recommend never spending more than you’re willing to lose entirely as sometimes project never ship or the final product is not what was expected. That being said McMillen has proven himself reliable in the past with delivering on crowdfunding.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem is planned to be sent out to backers in June 2022.

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