LEGO may be making a shoe – yes you read that right

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LEGO has released a teaser image of what appears to be an adidas shoe made out of plastic with the clever tagline “kicks, meet bricks”.

adidas and LEGO have had a partnership for some time now with the former releasing real shoes that has the latter’s branding. The most recent result of this partnership was the Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates Shoes that tried to bring many elements of the toy into footwear.

This newest endeavour, however, seems to be doing things the opposite way around with a LEGO model based on the shoes.

From the image we can see what looks to be the front of a shoe made out of plastic. The two circular pieces right at the front have printing on them which is not unusual.

The only non-LEGO element here is what appears to be regular shoe laces. LEGO makes a variety of cloth, vinyl and sundry pieces that isn’t regular plastic, but this seems to be a standard pair of laces.

If we had to guess this will be a display set of a pair of shoes made entirely out of LEGO. They obviously won’t be able to be worn but will be intended to sit on a shelf as a novelty.

The date of the 1st July reveal, however, is a bit puzzling. On 26th June the company will hold its first ever LEGO CON event which promises many announcements of new products. We’d think that would be the perfect time to reveal this new set.

Outside of the adidas partnership LEGO, strangely, has a long history involving shoes. In the early 2000s there was a partnership with Nike resulting in shoes based off of the famous Bionicle theme, and recently for April Fool’s Day 2019 there were these slippers to prevent the pain of stepping on bricks.

The sneaker market is a weird one so we’re not entirely sure how welcome LEGO shoes will be. Seems we will just have to wait until the mid point of the year to find out.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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