NEMISA & Coursera partnering on local digital skills development

Much has been made of skills development in South Africa and in particular the need to address a distinct lack of STEM-related and digital skills in the country. While more needs to be done in order to address areas where there are deficits, a recent report from online course provider Coursera highlights the areas that South Africa is most proficient in.

The Digital Skills Report 2021 (downloadable as a PDF here), shows that South Africa is considered highly proficient in several digital skills, such as data visualisation at 94 percent, web development at 77 percent and security engineering at 71 percent.

The report also details areas where South Africa is growing its proficiency, but still has some work to do. Here, SA appears to be increasingly competitive in digital skills in cloud computing at 54 percent, machine learning at 51 percent and software engineering at 50 percent.

In order to address said skills and grow proficiency in areas we are lacking, the the National Electronic Media Institute in South Africa (NEMISA) has announced a partnership with Coursera under the mandate of the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies.

“It’s exciting to see South Africa becoming more proficient across many digital skills, according to Coursera’s 2021 Global Skills Report,” notes Trevor Rammitlwa, CEO of NEMISA.

“We’re thrilled that our partnership with Coursera will allow the local workforce to access more than 5,000 world-class courses from leading university and industry partners to support the country and its citizens in our journey towards becoming digital first,” he enthuses.

The non-profit organisation also explains that its programme in partnership with Coursera will rollout to all provinces in the country, although it did not provide a timeline as to when said rollout will happen or indeed what each province will be receiving in terms of skills development assistance.

Learners or those already in the workforce and interested in gaining access to digital skills material via Coursera are asked to head to this url and fill out a Google Form. Thereafter NEMISA should be in contact as to how to be a part of this initiative.

[Image – Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash]

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