There’s more Starro in the new Suicide Squad trailer

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Back in March we got our first proper look at James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, not to be confused with the movie this is basically a re-attempt of, “Suicide Squad” from 2016. We got a brief look at Starro that first time around, but now we’ve got much more.

As a quick recap Starro is a famous villain from DC Comics – a giant alien starfish that usually tussles with the Justice League. Starro has mind control abilities and can attach smaller versions of itself to the heads of humans to take them over.

We actually see these smaller starfish creatures in the new trailer. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment so see the screenshot in the header image.

We now know that the new Suicide Squad will be taking down something called “Project Starfish”. If we had to guess this would be some kind of cult under the influence of Starro that has some nefarious plot for world domination.

If our hunch is correct it would remind us of Genestealer Cults from Warhammer 40K. If this is what Project Starfish is we have to wonder how it has been kept under wraps considering that giant alien starfish attached to people’s heads would be noticeable.

Maybe it’s an Alien Xenomorph situation and the smaller starfish only need to be attached to a human for a short time before taking over.

We see what looks like army and government officials under the thrall of Starro too.

Another question we have about this trailer is right there in the thumbnail. Last we checked Harley Quinn didn’t have the ability to explode into flowers when fighting.

We have to imagine this is some kind of dream sequence where Starro tries to take over Harley Quinn. Alternatively we’d love to see her on and off again partner Poison Ivy making an appearance because, you know, that’s kind of her thing.

Other interesting titbits from the trailer is a mention of Superman being put in the ICU by Idris Elba’s character Bloodsport. Will this tie into the explanation of why the Justice League isn’t handling the Starro situation themselves?

Starro has, in the past, been shown capable of brainwashing even superheroes, so maybe in this movie the Justice League is also mindcontrolled and the Suicide Squad is the last hope.

The Suicide Squad launches on 6th August in theatres as well as HBO Max. Aside from the streaming service still not being available in most countries this movie will also not be available on the free, ad-supported version of HBO Max. Only the paid subscribers will be able to watch for 31 days after the theatrical release before it’s removed from HBO Max too.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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