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We could see Microsoft unveil Windows 11 on 24th June

When it comes to Windows, Microsoft’s recent history has proved a little sketchy at best. Remember the poorly designed Windows 8? The current offering, Windows 10, is of course a far better iteration of the operating system, but is getting on in age, so a refresh is welcome. This brings us to Microsoft announcing that an event is scheduled for 24th June and growing rumours suggest that we could see Windows 11 be unveiled.

We are of course reading into things quite a bit, so take this news with a generous helping of salt and journey down the rabbit hole with us.

For one, Microsoft decided to bring an end to its Windows10X operating system, which was designed with new form factor devices in mind and even saw a couple hit the market recently. The company said that elements of 10X would be incorporated into something else that Microsoft is working, which would make Windows 11 the perfect vehicle for it.

Added to this is the invite for said event, featured below, which showcases a different version of the iconic Windows logo.

Again, we may be reading a bit too much into things here, but stick with us. The animation above features light shining through the Windows logo and illuminating only the bottom two panels, with the image creating an 11 as the light moves across the screen. There is also the fact that the event is scheduled for 11:00 ET in the States, which is 17:00 South African time, but that may be a bit of a reach.

Either way you can probably tell that we’re clamouring for something new from Microsoft. From a company that did interesting things like Windows Phone and the aforementioned boundary-pushing Windows 8, it is time for Microsoft to create something interesting again, and we’re hoping Windows 11 is it.

If there is indeed any credibility to the rumours, there is still some time before the event kicks off, so leaks are a possibility between now and then.

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