Which iPhones will support iOS 15 when it launches later this year

This week Apple has showcased iOS 15 among other new software the Cupertino-based company is working on during its WWDC 21 conference. The new mobile operating system brings with it a number of improvements as far as privacy goes, as well as adding new features to the likes of FaceTime and enhancing current apps like Maps, Weather and Wallet.

Apple has also served up a preview site to provide an overview of the new features, while confirming which iPhone and iPod Touch devices will gain access to iOS 15.

Among the most interesting new features will be the ability to use Siri sans any internet connection, along with the digital assistant’s processing happening on-device. Added to this will be more options in terms of widget customisation, along with the ability to translate text across the entire device’s system.

The new operating system is expected to launch later this year in the Fall (Northern Hemisphere), although the precise date has not been mentioned. That said, if previous iterations are anything to go by, we should see it land by mid-September.

When it does, the following devices have been listed as being compatible and supported:

The iPhone 6s is the oldest on the above list, along with being a six-year old device, so the backwards support on the iPhone lineup is substantial.

As in past year’s the uptake of iOS 15 will be significant. That said, it looks like security will be a concern, especially as the previous two generations of iOS featured substantial vulnerabilities on the WebKit that required immediate addressing by Apple. Hopefully that is not the case this time around.

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