Among Us physical editions up for sale in South Africa

The continually popular social deduction party game Among Us has made the jump from indie download-only title to physical game that you’ll be able to buy late this year, including in South Africa where pre-orders have opened up.

The physical versions of Among Us come in three versions: Crewmate Edition, Imposter Edition and Ejected Edition. Each costs more than the last with extra physical goodies included to try to justify the price. The official Among US Twitter account has images of the contents for each edition.

Even the cheapest of the three, the Crewmate Edition, comes with extra stuff in the box so it’s not just the game and a plastic case.

At the time of writing we’ve found three local retailers that have the physical versions available for sale, but the available varies greatly.

Let’s start with Raru because it seems to have every version available on every console. A quick note is required here because the Xbox version of the game includes all three consoles: the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Raru’s Among Us landing page is available here and the prices below are inclusive of the current 10 percent off discount using code RCC-10GAMEPREORDER.

You need to manually input this code at checkout or it will not apply.

While Raru has the greatest range available thankfully none of them are from the import section of the site so you don’t have to wait countless months for it to arrive. The last time we ordered an import from Raru it took six months to show up.

• Crewmate Edition (Switch | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox) – R539.10
• Imposter Edition (Switch | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox) – R809.10
• Ejected Edition (Switch | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox) – R1 259.10

Koodoo, the online retail arm for game distributor Gamefinity, also has Among Us physical editions available for pre-order.

Bizarrely certain platforms are missing here. You’d think a game distributor would have everything available but there are editions simply missing from the site right now.

• Crewmate Edition (Switch | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox) – R549
• Imposter Edition (PS4 | PS5) – R849
• Ejected Edition (PS4 | PS5) – R1 299

The last local retailer with Among Us stock is BT Games. This store has the slimmest pickings yet.

• Crewmate Edition (PS4 | Xbox) – R585
• Imposter Edition (Switch) – R865
• Ejected Edition (Switch) – R1 299

The release date for these physical editions is a bit up in the air right now. Many stores, including those in South Africa, have 31st December 2021 as a placeholder. This is not the actual release date so we’ll just have to wait a while longer for that to be revealed.

Release and local availability aside all of these versions are rather pricey. Right now you can play Among Us for free on mobile and Xbox Game Pass, or buy it for R42 on PC or R77 on Switch.

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