Boomerang X comes around to Switch and PC today

Publisher Devolver Digital and new developer DANG! have released a new game in the form of Boomerang X.

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few months you may have seen the game shared in various short videos and gifs. The unique art style and the gameplay mechanics have combined to make a game that is instantly recognisable in short bursts like that.

The titular boomerang gives players the ability to effectively fly as, after being thrown, you can teleport to it. We haven’t spent much time in Australia but we’re not sure that’s how a real boomerang works. Regardless it makes for a unique system where your weapon and form of locomotion are one and the same.

“Reaving through hordes of nightmares isn’t the only thing your boomerang is good for: once thrown, you can slingshot directly to it, preserving momentum and throwing yourself through the air. Slow down time and use well-aimed and well-timed throws to get around, above, and behind your foes. Speed is everything, and only the nimblest boomerang-er will survive…” reads the game description.

Boomerang X is available right now for PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch (eShop). The prices on the two are hilariously disproportionate at R175 on Steam and R360 on the eShop.

Massive price differences like this happen all the time with the Switch always being the more expensive option. Someone needs to tell Nintendo that “regional pricing” doesn’t mean taking the US price, converting it, and then adding more on top.

Right now Boomerang X costs $19.99 on the Switch eShop which is around R287. Valve, unlike Nintendo, realises that regional pricing is adjusting the RRP to offer a fair price considering the economy in a given region. it doesn’t happen all the time though.

Grandstanding about pricing aside this looks like a fun game but you can actually play it for free before making a decision. The Steam page has a good old fashioned demo which is still available.

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