How are Bitcoin mining companies benefitting from the soaring Bitcoin price?

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Dean Lee, SEO team writer, CCP Marketing for Ethereum Trader

As we see the rising tide of the popular digital coin Bitcoin prices, it has eventually helped the stock prices for several Bitcoin mining companies as well. Well, there are no digital currency mining firms now being listed over the stock market during the bull run of 2017 in terms of bitcoin prices. However, with this time, we see the situation to be very much different. In the earlier months alone, we have seen the stock prices going on the higher side, especially for the bitcoin mining companies like RIOT or Riot Blockchain Inc., along with others like MARA or Marathon Patent Inc., which seemed to have shot up 145 per cent and 332 per cent respectively. At the same time, similar is the case with the China-based company called Canaan Inc, more often known as CAN, in the market. It experienced a surge of 91 per cent in terms of cost during the very same time phase.

Now, the big question, why did the prices for different Bitcoin mining companies go up. Since bitcoin, along with the other digital currencies, is becoming the new asset class, one can find the valuations for several groups and companies that are becoming a key function of the assets that further demand a proper marketplace instead of the key business fundamentals. The higher the price, the greater would be the revenue and profit margins for the above-said companies. However, one can find Bitcoin to be among the key proponents that can further claim the fact that anyone can easily mine it, while the mining ecosystem of digital currency can be seen dominated by different industrial outfits. Visit portals like to explore more on it.

This can be due to the fact a considerable kind of resources like the cost of electricity and equipment needed for the activity has to be debated. Then you come across the difficulty level that can be seen varying with the time along with the way the algorithms can be employed when it comes to awarding the bitcoin that are seen inflating the consumption of power. With a certain cost threshold, one can find Bitcoin mining to become a very much unsustainable operation for different individual miners that are seen coming up with small mining farms that are seen during the learning time as we witnessed the wild price kind of swing for the digital currency. In March 2020, when we saw the shutdown was announced amid the second wave, we saw a shutdown of global pandemic along with things like penny stocks for a company like MARA as well. Since then, we have bitcoin emerging like a hedge that is seen going against the macroeconomic instability along with the institutional investors that are seen getting a call.

As the value of Bitcoin has gone up, the stock prices for the two companies have even gone up to a whopping extent, going above 2,627% and 2,670%, respectively, since last March. Needless to say that these companies have come up with effective investment plans in the future for things like the mining machines along with the equipment and the expansion that is seen over the operations as and when we see the latest earnings calls. Now another big question, are bitcoin companies a good catch for buying? Well, the flipside of any current price for Bitcoin mining companies is seen like valuations collapse as when we see the price of the digital coin cratering. For instance, the groups like MARA and RB were seen losing a good amount of stock prices that remain very much flat in 2019, like Bitcoin that seemed struggling to break the same into a coma when it comes to the prices.

The close coupling was found in between the Bitcoin cost along with stock valuations for digital coin seen coming along with mining companies. However, these companies seemed to have suffered some bad financial management issues. For instance, the investors are seen selling away the stock of CAN company that is seen amidst the price rise of Bitcoin and the trajectory as reported by the company about the losses and the write-down of inventory. It is also a fact that Bitcoin remains the most lucrative option for different types of digital currencies that seemed to have capped the 21 M supply. Miners now have to shift to alternate revenue sources like the blockchain of bitcoin when it comes to sustaining their revenues.



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